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median: manufacturable and dependable multicore architectures at nanoscale

Welcome to the website of the median project, a COST Action aimed at creating a European network of competence and experts on all dependability aspects of future digital systems development, promoting collaboration between industry and research.

In fact, constant advances in manufacturing yield and field reliability are important enabling factors for electronic devices pervading our lives, from medical to consumer electronics, from railways to the automotive and avionics scenarios. At the same time, both technology and architectures are today at a turning point; many ideas are being proposed to postpone the end of Moore’s law such as extending CMOS technology as well as finding alternatives to it like CNTFET, QCA, memristors, etc, while at the architectural level, the spin towards higher frequencies and aggressive dynamic instruction scheduling has been replaced by the trend of including many simpler cores on a single die. These paradigm shifts imply new dependability issues and thus require a rethinking of design, manufacturing, testing, and validation of reliable next-generation systems. These manufacturability and dependability issues will be resolved efficiently only if a cross-layer approach that takes into account technology, circuit and architectural aspects will be developed.


COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020